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Julian Wells

I am a proud Christian father, grandfather, Georgia Tech fan, golfer, sports enthusiast, and the luckiest husband in the world. When I launched this site in 2015, I lived in the mountains of Western North Carolina where I witnessed the wondrous beauty of God’s creation from my rear deck facing the Blue Ridge Mountains. Those experiences (especially the sunsets) often left me speechless but they also inspired me to reflect on God’s wondrous love, his bountiful provisions, and his amazing grace and share those reflections with others who find their way to this site.

Recently, my wife and I moved to a lakeside home in the Panhandle of Florida to be closer to our kids and grandkids in our later years. While we no longer enjoy those jaw-dropping sunsets shared in so many of my posts, we are now basking in the unique serenity that lakeside living affords and where God’s presence is just as evident. My continued hope and prayer is that you will be enlightened, encouraged, comforted, and inspired by my Lakeside Reflections.

Look for instructions in each published post to follow this site. They should appear on your screen as you scroll through the post. When you register with your email address, each new post will appear in your inbox as soon as it is published. You can also find me on Facebook or on Twitter at @jwells1030.

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  1. Thanks very much..my sister from South Alabama sent me this – we have some things in common as we chopped cotton as children, love the Lord and also live in the Florida Panhandle. God bless!


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