Attention All Readers!

I need your help! Recently I have come to realize that Facebook and Twitter are very inefficient delivery mechanisms for distributing new posts to Ridgetop Reflections. I have learned from experience that not all posts which my Facebook friends share actually show up in my News Feed due to screening algorithms based on my activity on the site. (Can it really read my mind?)

I also know from experience that as my list of Facebook friends has grown, so has the time it takes to scroll through the feed and determine what is worthy of my consideration, reading, viewing, liking, and sharing. And don’t even get me started on Twitter! Some days I just don’t have that much time to spare- and I’m retired! So I can imagine the time constraints on those of you who go to work every day and take care of your families.

imageIf you enjoy my blog and want to insure that you get a chance to see each post, I encourage you to sign up for email notifications. As you scroll through this post, you should notice a small pop-up tab labeled “Follow” appear on the bottom of your screen. Just click on that tab and a window will appear where you simply need to enter your email address and submit it.

Future posts will then appear in your inbox as soon as they are published and you can read them at your leisure. I’m confident you will find the format very convenient for reading now or saving for later when you have more time. If you find a post share-worthy, you can still link to the site and share as always. (If you already subscribe, please feel free to comment below as to just how convenient it is.)

I shared my most recent post via Facebook Messenger with many of you this week and received a lot of positive feedback and useful interaction, but it is a tedious process and could be a duplication of effort if you’ve already read the post on Facebook.

If you currently receive notifications of new posts through personal emails from me, I also encourage you to sign up for notifications as I’ve described above. You will then receive the email from WordPress, the platform which hosts my website, as soon as a post is published. This is much more efficient for you and for me.

Please help me and help yourselves by giving this a try. Like that commercial says, “Try it- you’re going to like it!” If you try it and don’t like it, instructions for unsubscribing are included in each email you will receive. But I’m confident that if you like my posts, you’re going to like receiving them this way.

Until next time, may the grace and love of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.


4 thoughts on “Attention All Readers!

  1. I receive notices through my email and don’t always see your posts on Facebook. You’re right when you said Facebook is not a sure fire way to see your blogs. I know I would hate to miss reading them!


  2. Thanks, Julian, email is so much more convenient. I don’t get on FB daily and I would hate to miss one of your posts. They have become part of my devotions.


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